Internet Penis-Pill Merchant Sued Over Alleged False Claims

Rhett Pardon
BURLINGTON, N.J. — An herbal supplement distributor that marketed penis-enlargement pills over the Internet has been named in a proposed class-action suit.

Michael Coluzzi, a New Jersey man who initiated legal action, says that he experienced "no increase" after taking the Alzare herbal supplement for two weeks.

The defendants in Coluzzi's suit filed in Burlington Superior Court in New Jersey include Alzare LLC of Boca Raton, Fla., and owner Scott Hammond.

Alzare marketed the penis pills on the Internet through affiliate programs, as well as through infomercials on late-night television.

Tampa, Fla., gynecologist Dr. Daniel Stein, whom Alzare describes on its website as "one of the nation's foremost experts on sexual health and performance," also was named on the suit.

Coluzzi, in court documents, says he joins "thousands of individuals" who have been "victimized by a scheme to defraud and obtain money through the unfair, deceptive and fraudulent marketing and selling of Alzare."

Alzare advertised that men could increase penis size by 25 percent and that users notice a difference and increase in size within seven days, according to the suit. Alzare also said that 100,000 men have taken the penis pills and have seen results, a marketing claim Coluzzi refutes.

Coluzzi says he spent $59.95 on a one-month supply — 30 tablets — of the Alzare penis pills, which are a concoction of various herbal ingredients comprised of ginseng, yohmbe bark, L-Arginie and other pro-sexual nutrients.

Coluzzi’s road to class certification of the case, however, could be a lengthy one. Two cases filed early last year in Colorado and Ohio against companies involved in the penis pill business have yet to be certified.

Meanwhile, adult star Jenna Jameson on Thursday announced she would begin an ad campaign on the Howard Stern Show to promote the J22 Erictile Enhancer.

“We anticipate giving away 100,000 packets of what we’re calling ‘Jenna’s J22 Million Dollar Giveaway,’” said Kris Grdina, vice president for merchandising at ClubJenna Inc.

J22 was introduced last fall on Jameson’s and is gaining distribution in retail outlets nationwide, the company said.

Penis-enlargement pills aren’t regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.