Private Launches Broadband Television Channel

Jeff Berg
BARCELONA, Spain — Global adult company Private Media Group Inc. intends to offer a new website that will allow subscribers to stream and download from its 24-hour Private TV channel over a broadband connection, the company said Monday.

The new site, available at offers both television programming and video-on-demand services that are downloadable and playable on any television that has a cable connection.

“We are very excited about being able to offer consumers our own TV channel and all of Private’s substantial and growing catalogue in a cutting-edge, user-friendly, digital format,” said Berth Milton, Private’s president and CEO. “The immediate availability of content in DVD quality, coupled with discreet and secure methods of payment provides a new level of purchase convenience for customers.”

Private TV’s television content will be available in six-hour blocks with focuses on adult industry news, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and financial news coverage.

Films downloaded through the VOD service will be able to be navigated through using rewind and fast-forward features. The films also utilize a Digital Rights Management function that allows them to only be watched within 48 hours after their purchase.

Milton said that, in addition to allowing consumers to download purchase the services from its new website, it also hopes license its content to ISPs and digital broadband delivery networks

“It is becoming clear that broadband is reshaping the global entertainment market,” Milton said. “New entrants are inundating the industry and rattling established players. Content providers such as ourselves are suddenly able to close deals at fair margins with a much wider spectrum of delivery networks. Meanwhile, we are getting closer to the end consumer, which benefits us all.”

All content available through the site will first be offered in Spanish, followed by English, German and a bevy of other languages.