Pokes Fun at Gay Adult

Matt O'Conner
NEW YORK – Nothing goes together quite like gay porn and acerbic wit. At least that’s what the creators of are hoping.

The new site from the producers of popular gay underground blog promises to bring surfers “the best of the worst of the gay adult internet.” But StupidPorn’s founder, Nico James, is the first to admit the site leans heavily toward the “worst” side — and that’s what makes it so much fun.

“In putting together [] over the last year or so, we've come across an incredible amount of really, really stupid stuff,” said James.

Reggie McGee, editor of the StupidPorn project, added that some adult content is “just too stupid to not trash publicly,” whether it’s photos of boys wearing silly costumes, using ridiculous props or saying barely intelligible things. is organized into “categories of stupidity,” such as “Food Fight,” “Fugly,” “Ouch!” and “Why?” — all accompanied by scathing, and hilarious, commentary.

In “Food Fight,” you might find a man raiding his refrigerator, without having a bite to eat.

“Fugly,” as you might imagine, features pictures and video of men who should keep their clothes on, and probably put bags over their heads.

This month’s “Ouch!” section includes video of a man wearing a sheet, getting friendly with a pumpkin and — yikes — wielding a machete. “No knives in porn please!” writes McGee.

“Why?” is devoted to the most over-the-top, utterly inexplicable content and ideas best left unrealized, such as “a cute boy in an oversized diaper drinking juice from a baby's bottle.”

There's even an entire section devoted to foreign sites with dreadful English translation, where you can watch video of Alex from Russia explain that his best friend is a bear — and he means the kind of bear that lives in the woods. is open to viewer submissions and webmaster complaints, and they are certain to get plenty of both, especially considering that anyone, including site sponsors such as and, is fair game.