2much.net In Traffic Deal With Sex.com

Montreal, QC - Live video chat software creator 2much.net has announced that it will be offering free, targeted traffic from Sex.com to new clients of their LiveCamNetwork 1.9 system. 2much and Sex.com, both Canadian companies, finalized the deal without disclosing details.

"This is for those who purchase the full, professional package," said Mark Prince, president and CEO of 2much, adding that "Sex.com's traffic is looking specifically for what sites built on our platform offer. We want to demonstrate how well it converts."

The announcement came on the threshold of the beta release of LiveCamNetwork 2.0, the company's upgrade to the present version, due February 1st.

Greg Jones, Media & Communications manager for 2much.net added that "The traffic is to not only bring quality conversions to our new clients, who often may not be as Internet-savvy as the next webmaster, but also to expose as many netizens and surfers as possible to the current state of the art of video streaming."

While LiveCamNetwork 1.9 operates around Windows Media Player 9 at 15 frames per second with audio, the software makers claim version 2.0 will push that limit to 20fps and beyond. "We're entering the realm of live television, here," said Jones.

According to Sex.com's Brian Grabowski, "They have a great product, and it converts. The more 2much clients convert traffic Sex.com sends their way, the more those webmasters will remember us when it comes time to freshen their PPC campaign."

The two companies' overt intentions to boost the traffic-to-profit cycle come just weeks after reports that North American Broadband and DSL connectivity to the net have surpassed the 50% mark, which has long been a barrier to effectively streaming high-end video.

"The barrier is gone," said Jones, adding that "The market is there waiting for us to open these doors. So we want everyone to come in and see our chat rooms."