Upgrades Programs

GLENDALE, Calif. – has announced that they have implemented the new EPS error prevention system upgrade to their MPA3 affiliate software by Mansion Productions.

EPS analyzes the behavior of MPA3 and tries to catch any errors in the surrounding environment caused by software, hardware, or bad configuration server problems. Since AdultLounge has integrated EPS, "We have definitely seen an increase in sales and experienced dramatically less downtime. This new feature brings added value to AdultLounge and our affiliates" said Raffi Vartanian, CEO/Founder of

Additionally has implemented the MAS software from Mansion Productions, which recently won the most innovative product at the 2005 XBiz Awards. MAS serves as the backbone to the AdultLounge members areas and gives AdultLounge the ability to update daily.

According to Vartanian, " is constantly looking into innovative ways to implement software that increases sales for our affiliate partners. Our goal is to continue to build on the strength and power of our affiliate program. Look out for more advancements coming from this year!"

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