KSEXgames DVD Released

Gretchen Gallen
BURBANK, Calif. – In affiliation with AdultDVDempire.com, KSEXradio.com has officially released the DVD edition of this year's KSEXgames, Vol. 1.

Taking place in August, the 2004 KSEXgames pitted adult talent against each other from Wicked, Red Light District, DVSX, Adam & Eve and Private USA in a variety of naked gaming competitions, with the Golden Shower trophy as the coveted end-game prize.

The event was shot at a private home in the San Fernando Valley and was organized and edited in the style of a professional sporting event, complete with topless sports commentators Ginger Lynn and Quasarman, field reporter Katie Morgan and Wankus himself as referee.

Activities included the Topless Potato Sack Race, Porn Star Beachy Ball, NIPple & Slide, Tug of Whore and Bitch Fights.

"The fans will really enjoy this production because they get to see dozens of their favorite adult stars in a completely different setting than they're used to seeing them," KSEXradio Program Director Wankus told XBiz. "While they still get to enjoy their hot, nekkid bodies, there is a real comraderie among them that shows them as one big happy family."

Wankus added that the DVD edition of the gaming event features bonus footage of some of the "Sex-a-letes" in training and interviews with the teams before and after the event.

The event was conceptualized by both KSEX and AdultDVDempire and production costs were split between the two companies.

"Another reason I would say that this is a great production that the consumer would enjoy is because the competitions are not fixed like so many of these novelty events are," Wankus said. "All the stars are giving their best athletic performances and it really shows in the "Bitch Fight" competitions, so much so that we were actually very nervous while shooting this event."

The KSEXgames event is also available as an affiliate program with a 7 percent commission on VOD sales or 10 percent commission on DVD sales.

A date for the next annual KSEXgames has not yet been announced, according to Wankus, but the next event will feature an expanded lineup of talent, including male talent and companies like Shane's World and Jill Kelly Productions.