MobBucks Signs 125 Resellers in First Day

Rhett Pardon
MELVILLE, N.Y — 110 Media Group Inc. says it’s seeing success with the MobBucks webmaster cash program.

The Melville, N.Y.-based company said Tuesday that it signed more than 100 affiliate webmasters to the program on the first day of its launch.

"Everyone loves the spoof concept," spokesman Mark Tiarra told XBiz. "The fact that unaffiliated webmaster acceptance of this offering has exceeded our expectations and industry averages reflects the industry's apparent view that our newer products have the ability to generate traffic and therefore revenue at a high rate.”

Allowing 50 percent recurring payouts, a 5 percent on webmaster referrals and 2 percent on ones they refer, MobBucks includes exclusive content, statistics by Next-generation Administration and Tracking System (NATS), free hosting and hosted galleries.

The MobBucks site has begun adding free marketing tools such as banners, content and picture galleries to the program.

Tiarra, who recently joined 110 Media to oversee affiliate marketing, said that 110 Media is currently rewriting the backend of Web1000, which it recently acquired, and will include a new offering for webmasters in the near future.