PaymentPass Offers Alternative to Credit Cards

Matt O'Conner
CYBERSPACE – E-commerce company 2000Charge has introduced an alternative payment method that “gives merchants all the benefits of traditional credit cards, without all the hassle,” according to the company’s website.

PaymentPass works like an ATM or debit card, but rather than drawing payment from a bank account, it draws from an independent, dedicated card account. Cardholders can deposit any amount of money directly onto a prepaid PaymentPass card from another credit card or bank account or by using cash.

Cardholders can use PaymentPass 24 hours a day at ATMs and retail stores worldwide and at participating websites.

According to PaymentPass CEO Wolf, the cards features should be especially attractive to fans of adult websites in light of stricter Visa and MasterCard rules regarding charge backs.

“Because PaymentPass cards are prepaid, they help reduce the risk of charge backs and fraud,” Wolf told XBiz.

In addition, PaymentPass card members are age verified, helping adult webmasters guard against the possibility of minors accessing their sites.

The merchant discount rate for PaymentPass is 5.5 percent.

Wolf added that the anonymous nature of the card should appeal to web surfers. Since all money transfers happen behind the scenes, through PaymentPass, rather than directly with websites, there’s no need for cardholders to share personal information with merchants.

“It’s convenient for customers who don’t want charges showing up on their credit card statements,” Wolf told XBiz.

PaymentPass transactions are also PIN protected, to provide cardholders with an added level of security.

Customers can sign up for a PaymentPass card online and begin using their card number within 10 to 15 minutes. The company mails cards within three to five business days.