Adult Website Tours to Launch in Spring

Rhett Pardon
NORCROSS, Ga. — Cybererotica is teaming up with Cornetta Enterprises to launch Adult Website Tours, a consumer-targeted magazine focusing on adult sites.

The quarterly publication is set to debut in the spring, with a cover price of $7.95.

Lori Z, who is marketing the publication, said the 8”x10.5” publication will include hardcore content and have a nationwide distribution of 100,000 copies.

“Adult websites who advertise in the publication can make their ads as graphic and visual as they wish,” Lori Z. said. “The ads themselves are considered content and the website can add extra promotion incentives to draw the reader right online to view whatever the ad teases.”

Grinder, a co-publisher of the venture, said the magazine has a “simple” strategy.

“Show people pictures of what’s available on adult websites so they can skip the surfing and just go straight to a trustworthy site,” Grinder said. “They know what’s available in the site because the magazine has given them a taste.

“People who buy Adult Website Tours Magazine are consumers that spend money on adult material. They just want to feel secure in the websites they join.”

The magazine is slated to include reviews of websites, new website announcements, profiles, website reference directories by genre and a list of top-ranked websites.

Advertising rates are available on a sliding scale, depending on whether the display ad includes hardcore content, Lori Z. said.

One-insertion ad prices start at $2,450 for those with hardcore content; $4,900 for ads that don’t.

Norcross, Ga.-based Cornetta Enterprises is publisher of Xcitement, a regional adult publication that has been in business for nearly 12 years. The company also owns Club Exotica, a nude strip club; a lingerie shop; and a chain of stores and websites that sell adult videos and smoking accessories.