YNOT Masters Unveils Webmaster Tutorial

Gretchen Gallen
SAN DIEGO, Calif. – YNOT Masters has released an interactive CD-ROM designed to help newbies understand basic web terminology and build and market their own sites both for adult and mainstream purposes.

"Mastering the Adult Web" was first introduced by the YNOT team at Internext in Las Vegas and is now available directly through YNOT and affiliates like XXXCash.com.

After being a moderator and guest on dozens of newbie panels throughout his years in the industry, YNOTBob told XBiz that he wanted to put out a product that would provide basic information many newbies tend to shy away from asking about in front of seemingly more experienced webmasters.

The interactive tutorial covers information as basic as understanding what a URL is, to how to register domains, build free sites and drive traffic to affiliates.

"It's all as though you were in a classroom and someone was showing you how to get into the industry," YNOTBob said. "We wanted to create a whole new marketplace and do it the honest, ethical way."

"Mastering the Adult Web" provides multimedia computer presentations on every aspect of webmastering, with a category summary at the end of each section narrated by YNOTBob himself. The CD-ROM also comes with printable worksheets.

"It's very different from similar programs that are text-based because this actually shows you how to do it, so anybody can get it," YNOTBob said, adding that the CD-ROM can also help take more experienced webmasters to another level by helping them work out some of the kinks in existing programs.

"Mastering the Adult Web" sells for $49 with $25 payouts for affiliates. The CD-ROM works with Windows 98 and Macintosh G3 or newer models.