HotMovies Offers Pay-As-You-Go Option

PHILADELPHIA, PA - National A-1 Internet, owner of, is now offering a Pay-As-You-Go billing package as part of its Video On Demand billing model. In addition to their current billing model where customers purchase blocks of time, HotMovies now offers the option to pay only for the minutes a customer uses.

Like the current Pay-Per-Minute model, the new Pay As You Go model has no monthly fees or recurring billing. The new Pay-As-You-Go option charges customers fifteen cents ($0.15) per minute to enjoy as many movies as they wish to watch. There is a fifteen-minute minimum purchase, however if the customer does not use the fifteen minutes in their first visit, the minutes remain in their account for their future use.

National A-1 has been in business for nearly fifteen years and is one of the largest providers of adult Audiotext Services in the world. The division that operates the Audiotext portion of the company is named, "Bridge Interactive." Through Bridge, National A-1 offers voice personals, low priced virtual chat, and live one on one phone interaction with live actresses. National used their proprietary telephone call billing software to adapt it for the Internet and make it work with

"This is what we envisioned when we launched of in December 2002," says Richard Cohen, President of National A-1 Internet. "The site we always wanted to create would allow people to come and go as they please and offer them the chance to watch what they want, when they want. Now it really does!"

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