Flynt’s Daughter Blasts Adult Industry

Matt O'Conner
CYBERSPACE – Tonya Flynt-Vega, daughter of Hustler founder Larry Flynt, is crusading against the industry her father helped create.

"I am the pornographer's daughter,” she said on one Christian website. “And if I am successful in my lifetime, pornography, at least to some degree, will have stopped with me."

Flynt-Vega’s campaign against porn—and her father—started with the 1998 publication of her memoirs, titled Hustled: My Journey from Fear to Faith. It’s since blossomed into an all-out assault with appearances on TV shows including Charlie Rose, Inside Edition and The 700 Club, as well as in interviews with Christian radio talk shows and numerous print and online publications.

And now she’s calling for citizens to pressure the Department of Justice to crack down on adult websites, claiming that the Bush administration hasn’t been active enough in prosecuting what she deems “an evil tearing the very fabric of society.”

Flynt-Vega rebukes the 1996 box-office hit, The People vs. Larry Flynt, for portraying her father as a stalwart champion of free speech.

“Larry Flynt is my father, and his empire is the enemy,” she says. “I am fighting what may be the greatest menace in America today.”

“The images in pornography are degrading to women and increasingly to young children and a threat to family values,” she adds. “I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘Let's not protect it!’”