TooTimid Registers More Women Subscribers Than Men

Jeff Berg
BOSTON — Online DVD rental and adult toy company announced subscription figures for its monthly DVD program Friday, indicating that nearly 60 percent of its customers are women ages 25 to 45.

“We never expected this service to attract women in such masses,” said Chad Chunglo, co-founder of

The program, which each month gives customers a new adult DVD, selected by TooTimid from a library that includes leading production studios like Adam & Eve, costs a monthly fee of $6.95 and was introduced in late 2004.

According to TooTimid, the program was expected to appeal more towards males and the subscription breakdown comes as a happy surprise to them.

“Although nearly 60 percent of our customers are comprised of females ages 25 to 45, we envisioned this being a service geared more towards men that would allow us to broaden that customer base,” Chunglo said.

The monthly DVD program, introduced in fourth quarter 2004, creates very little revenue for the company but has seen subscription rates grow into the thousands.

“Although the service generates little to no profits, we hope that by consistently delivering a quality product month after month, will become the first choice for people when they decide to purchase adult novelty items, erotic novels and other adult DVDs,” Chunglo said. “Now that we know women are attracted to this service as well, we have a great opportunity to build our brand with twice as many people as first anticipated.”

Founded five years ago with the intention of capitalizing on the swath of individuals who didn’t want to purchase adult products in person, TooTimid is a subsidiary of Washington-based Atlantic Innovations, LLC.