Strip Poker Now Available For Cingular Customers

Jeff Berg
THE AIRWAVES — Consumers who subscribe to the Cingular Wireless network now have the option of winning the clothes off a virtual woman on their cell phones.

Produced by New York-based game developer ThumbPlay, the new game can be downloaded onto a phone for $4 and, for an extra 99 cents, users can purchase a feature that allows them to buy clothing off their opponent.

Described by a Thumbplay representative as “about as racy as a lingerie ad,” the U.S. version has been toned down from the currently available European version. Models now appear in states of undress, but without any actual nudity.

Even with the toned-down nature of the game, though, Thumbplay is still expecting to receive complaints about the game.

The release of the game follows late December reports that Cingular had begun moving away from the adult market by nixing the sale of images depicting clothed adult film stars over its network. The service, originally made available in mid-November by AT&T Wireless, was considered a causality of the company’s recent purchase by Cingular.

“We’re not going to offer adult content,” Cingular spokesman Mark Siegal told the New York Times. “That is not compatible with the Cingular brand.”

While the wireless company may now appear to be reversing directions, it, along with competitor Sprint, have long-standing policies in place that they will not sell items from Penthouse and Playboy brands, but will sell similar content marketed by Sports Illustrated and Maxim.