Jill Kelly Productions Signs Canadian Distribution Deal

Jeff Berg
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult film company Jill Kelly Productions Holdings, Inc., announced Wednesday that it has entered into a deal with Quebec-based Kaytel Video Distribution in order to broaden its market to include Canada.

Under the new agreement, JKP will license distribution rights for the “Collateral Damage XXX” and “BLU” brands to the Canadian distributor, allowing them to distribute both VHS and DVD versions of the brands, as well as market them through streaming video over the Internet.

JKP acquired rights to the “BLU” brand, a series of “broadcast quality” adult European films, from Erotic Media in September. The brand is aimed at couples and adult entertainment television.

“Collateral Damage XXX,” a series of films co-produced by JKP and an unnamed European production company, features more graphic content.

“Our agreement giving Kaytel Video Canadian distribution rights for films from our newest product lines is the next step in executing our long-term strategy to broaden our product offerings and expand sales to new markets,” said JKP Chairman Robert Friedland. “As more product becomes available from our supplying partners, we anticipate current and future distribution partners to make them available to their customers.”

The deal between Kaytel and JKP calls for the two companies to split licensing fees received for cable television, video-on-demand and other types of broadcasting.

Stock in JKP, a publicly traded Pink Sheet company, had not fluctuated by deadline in response to the announcement, holding steady at $.50.