ASACP Adds New Features to Member System

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – For the past 18 months, ASACP has been working with Cydata Services, a technology consulting company, to develop systems that allow for automation of many administrative functions. Last year ASACP implemented its CP Reporting System which allowed the Site Reviewer to filter, track, investigate, respond, and database suspected CP website reports on an ongoing basis. This system has vastly improved its abilities and speed in dealing with reports efficiently and thereby more quickly sending validated CP sites (Red Flag Reports) to authorities.

In 2005, this system will send Red Flag Reports (RFR) to hosting, billing, and domain registrar companies since sites with such images do not comply with their TOS, which constitutes a more expedient method to shut down these offending sites.

ASACP has determined that CP operators have used affiliate programs as a source of generating income for their CP content. When ASACP finds a CP website, it will cross-reference the website to determine if there is a connection to an ASACP member. ASACP will send a RFR to the contact person listed in the ASACP database. This is one reason why it is imperative that Sponsors and Approved Members keep their contact information current and add all new sites to the database. To facilitate this, another new feature will be the capability for Members to change and update their own information.

More surfers now look for the ASACP button to feel safe that they will view only adult content. If a surfer clicks on the ASACP button on a member site, the system provides online validation of the member status: "The site (URL) you linked from is an Approved Member of ASACP. ASACP continually monitors this site for compliance with its Code of Ethics. This site is active in the battle against child pornography and supports the ASACP mission."

Just a few months ago, ASACP introduced a Compliance system to monitor Approved Members similar to the Better Business Bureau and, which proves to the government and surfers that the industry is interested in self-regulation. This system provides online validation of its Approved Members and Sponsors. It verifies compliance with the ASACP Code of Ethics by spidering for unacceptable terms which denote CP. Later this year, ASACP will hash CP images and scrub these against Approved Member sites to help its members detect if someone has placed illegal images on its sites.

Webmasters can easily join ASACP and take advantage of these new features.