PictIcon Adds Pay-As-You-Click Version

NEW YORK – Edge Interactive Publishing has announced that its flagship lease gallery, PictIcon, is now available to websites in a Pay-As-You-Click version which pays 50% on all pay-per-click upsells.

PictIcon currently includes 117,951 images, 1254 videos, 3037 story scenes, and 503,530 searchable words, and features six-way access via any of 134 categories, 112 collections, four video libraries, over 3000 New pictures and videos each month, through a Google-like search engine, or via XML. The 134 categories include all body parts and fluids, costumes, locations, solo and hardcore sexual situations, fetish and bondage themes, real people, porn stars, models from 18 to 80, and images from antiquity through today. The 112 collections include photographers who shoot contemporary glamour, amateurs, Japanese, darkskin, men, parties, strippers, real scenes, and much more, such as hentai, lifestyle submissives, and rich legacy material. Each month a New section features 80 new scenes and over 3000 new pictures and videos. The 1254 video clips include action hardcore, solo girls, bondage, and gay hardcore.

The PictIcon offers fast load times and contains a searchable title, text, keywords, and standardized 96 pixel thumbnails for all images and video clips. A surfer can traverse from any page in the PictIcon to any other in three mouse clicks, and the search engine can locate any match of words or phrases, returning one or more pages with lists of clickable links. The product has no restrictions on the surfer downloading any stills or videos for their personal use.

The Pay-As-You-Click version allows surfers to traverse all pages, read all text, search, and view all thumbnails without charge. Each picture click is charged at one cent and each video at 15 cents. A token system manages payment and the third-party vendor, Pay As You Click, performs all the merchant processing. A revenue of 50% is paid to the affiliate.

The PictIcon customer list includes TopBucks, Pornkings, Geekteck, Mirage (MirVad), Wasteland, Net-spot Online, Niteline, Hardcore Money, Whitehouse, and Global Intermedia. Some of these providers bring their surfers into the PictIcon main page, some bring surfers directly into various collections or categories; some do both, and some "snake" the content using XML delivery to grab the content and serve from within their own pages. Webmasters also gain access to the promotional picture-of-the-day, which is a high resolution image suitable to display in non-protected areas of their website, along with the use of over 300 collection and category thumbnails, banners, and other promotional art.

The PictIcon plug-in is priced at a single cost that includes unlimited bandwidth; there are no popups, upsells, or banners. The PictIcon Pay-As-You-Click version is free. PictIcon is fully 2257 compliant and includes an online file that links each picture to the keeper of records for that specific image. Multiple-website licenses and pricing for webmasters with small clientele, AVS sites, TGPs, and other business models are also available.