New Holmes DVD Includes Interactive Game, Audio Tapes

Jeff Berg
LAS VEGAS — Hollywood Adult Video is releasing “The Real John Holmes: The Wonderland Murders Exposed,” a new DVD featuring never-before-heard audio tapes of Holmes describing what he knew about the murders, as well as an interactive video game.

Holmes, who appeared in over 2,500 adult movies and died in 1988 after a battle with AIDS, was originally acquitted of the 1981 murders in which four men were beaten to death with a steel pipe. He was then held in contempt for 18 months until he agreed to testify. The testimony has remained sealed.

The new DVD was released with the help of Laurie Holmes, the wife of the deceased porn star.

“What’s unique about this DVD is that this is the first time that anyone outside of law enforcement will hear what John had to say about the murders,” said Laurie Holmes. “From start to finish, he talks about how he met all the people involved and the events that led to the untimely deaths.”

Theories about the murders have titillated the public to this day, even inspiring the 2003 film "Wonderland," which starred Val Kilmer as Holmes. Most theories finger the involvement of Los Angeles night club owner Eddie Nash, who received a federal indictment over the murder following the testimony of Scott Thorson, Liberace’s lover.

“There have been other movies – mainstream movies – claiming to profess the story of John Homes and the Wonderland Murders, but this DVD is John actually talking in detail of them,” Laurie said. “It’s not someone else’s version. This is the same audio that the FBI seized and analyzed in 2000.”

In addition to the audio tapes, the DVD will contain classic footage of Holmes, a slide show of still images taken throughout Holmes’ life, and a video game called “Shooting The Wadd.”

The movie will be released on Jan. 1, and is available for order on the Hollywood Adult Video website.