Sin City Launches ‘Undertow’ Contest

Rhett Pardon
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sin City is ramping up its promotion of “Undertow” by unveiling a contest for a free trip to Hawaii for two.

“Undertow,” which is slated for release on Jan. 19, is Francois Clousot’s depiction of a man’s descent into the Los Angeles underworld. It stars Aurora Snow as the lover of an international terrorist, Hannah Harper as a federal agent’s assistant and Shay Sweet as the prize in a street race.

With the contest on the ”Undertow” micro site, participants are asked to answer a series of multiple choice questions found on the site and fill out a form to enter to win. Eligible entries will then be entered into a raffle that will be drawn during a screening of the movie by a Sin City contract girl.

The first-prize winner will receive a free trip to Hawaii for two, while the runner up will receive a trip to Los Angeles to see a Sin City Ultra title being directed.

Other prizes include an MP3 player, a year's worth of Sin City Ultra titles and a selection of titles from the Chatsworth, Calif.-based company’s library.

The “Undertow” micro site features a streaming trailer for the film, as well as photo galleries and on-the-set interviews, as well as the contest.

In addition to the online contest, Sin City has announced that their contract girls will be on hand at Internext distributing promotional DVDs that feature trailers of both “Undertow” and Jim Power's Mayhem sequel, “Dementia 2.”