Adult Sites Most Visited in Week Before Christmas

Jeff Berg
CYBERSPACE — Online retailers may have been along for the ride but adult sites took the reigns this past Christmas, receiving the most U.S. Internet visits between week ended Dec. 25, according to Internet research firm Hitwise.

In a report released Tuesday, Hitwise said that adult websites received approximately 17 percent of all U.S. website visits over the course of the week leading up to Christmas, trailed by search engines and directories at 14 percent and shopping and classified sites at about 9 percent.

Visits to charity sites dropped six percent, and visits to humanitarian sites dropped 15 percent for November 2004 as opposed to 2003.

Hitwise also reported that visits to music sites spiked on Dec. 25. iTunes, ranked in 85th place on Christmas Eve, jumped to 37th place on Christmas day. According to Hitwise, the huge leap was probably attributable to Christmas presents of MP3 players, iPods and online gift certificates.