Unreal Video Builds Content Clearinghouse

Rhett Pardon
LOS ANGELES — Unreal Video has created a clearinghouse web portal to buy and sell content.

“It’s sort of like consignment,” Jim Henley, Unreal’s director of business development, told XBiz. “If you got the content to move, we’ll do it.”

Unreal’s new portal already features content libraries from a number of companies, including Stoney Curtis, GM Video, Falcon Foto, Sex Entertain, Jade Entertainment Group and WorldWideContent.

“We recognized that with the industry maturing, the third-party content market is becoming so saturated and competitive, Henley said. “In the case of Jade Entertainment, we’re selling their Brazilian content.”

Henley said that with the new program, Unreal formats the content in shape for resale and takes a cut of “50 percent and upwards, depending on the content.”

“We’ve gotten a pretty good response so far,” he said.

Henley noted that the 11-year-old company is also offering an up-sell promotion in conjunction with Adult Friend Finder, Legendary Lars, Adam & Eve and Herbal O.