Nexus Net Cards Prepares for Launch

Rhett Pardon
AURORA, Colo. — Robert E. Bowen believes his company has a cure-all for the chronic woes of adult billing.

The chief executive of Nexus Net Cards Inc. is close to the January launch of a universal access card he says will free webmasters of chargebacks and restrictions of conventional processing alternatives in the adult industry.

The card joins other alternative payment options, such as GKard and Paycom's ePassporte.

“The Nexus Net Card will allow potential adult subscribers another payment option,” Bowen told XBiz. “But with it, there’s no way to track an individual to an adult website.”

The Nexus Net Card is a prepaid card — a phone card and a debit card combined — that can be purchased with cash and is transferable.

“There’s only a PIN number,” Bowen said from his company’s Aurora, Colo., office.

“This solves a lot of problems that go with the industry,” he said. “Visa and other credit cards want all the money from the adult industry but they don’t want the headaches.”

The card will be offered in denominations of $20, $50 and $100; it also can be recharged up to $1,000 from the Nexus Net Card website.

“We are planning to sell the cards at nearly 5,000 locations nationwide, as well as on our website,” Bowen said. “We’ll also be offering the cards in an affiliate program.”

Nexus Net Card plans to charge adult webmasters a 12 percent fee; mainstream merchants will be charged 3 percent.

The company is launching an advertising campaign — web and print — and will have a booth at next month’s Internext.