It’s Pulp, It’s Fiction, It’s ‘Sin City Angels’

Rhett Pardon
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sin City and erotic comic book distributor Eros Comix have teamed up to launch a new adult comic book series called “Sin City Angels.”

Sin City’s contract performers — Shay Sweet, Aurora Snow and Hannah Harper — fight crime and have sex with evil villains in the series.

“It’s really a wonderfully inventive series,” said Sin City’s Devan Cypher.

The art and storyline for the book were produced by bondage- and submission-themed graphic artist and comic writer Pretorius, who recently worked on the comic book series “Pleasure Bound.”

“The [Sin City performers] really are the best looking adult film stars working today,” Pretorius said. “It was fun rendering them and bringing out their superhero powers.”

Michael Dowers, of Seattle-based distributor Eros Comix, said “Sin City Angels” is the first of several comic series ventures between the two companies.

“It’s the next evolution in adult comics,” Dowers said. “We’ve always wanted to work with an adult entertainment company and are happy and proud to be partnering up with Sin City on this and future projects.”

“Sin City Angels” is available for $3.95 at the Eros Comix website, or by calling (800) 657-1100.