ASACP Expands Membership to TGP Companies

Rhett Pardon
LOS ANGELES — ASACP announced Tuesday it will accept membership applications from thumbnail gallery post, or TGP, companies.

ASACP, an organization that helps probe and identify child pornography in the online adult industry, said it worked with TGP leaders and the group’s Advisory Council to compile a code of “best practices” for the segment.

Executive Director Joan Irvine said that as a result, Sleazy Dream and Gallery Traffic Services will become sponsors, starting on Jan. 1.

Until recently, “best practices” were only available to search engines, billing companies and affiliate programs.

ASACP’s “best practices” for TGPs focus on visual verification of galleries of free host galleries and link partners, as well as disclaimers and the exclusion of explicit images on index pages.

Sleazy Dream and Gallery Traffic Service — both Canadian companies — sell traffic and advertising on some of the largest TGP websites, as well as MGP, or movie gallery post, sites.

“We are thrilled to join the cause against child pornography by supporting ASACP," said Mark Hurson of Gallery Traffic Service.

Scott Hjorleifson of Sleazy Dream concurred.

“To put it simply, they do good,” Hjorleifson said. “ASACP stands for something we all should believe in — stopping child pornography. Think about it — even if they stop just one pedophile and save just one child from being molested, isn't that worth supporting?”

ASACP was established in 1996 and represents more than 5,700 member sites.