Sin City Offers New Film ID Coding

Jeff Berg
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Just in time for the holidays, Sin City Entertainment has given the gift of easy selection to customers by offering a color-coded look to its packaging.

Helmed by Sin City creative director Mark Snyder, the new designs were created to help speed up a customer’s identification process.

“We’ve made them more accessible for the consumer,” Snyder said. “Now they are broken down into the five most popular genres and color coded for easy recognition.”

The five-color scheme represents the “young” genre with pink shading, ethnic with yellow, group with green, anal with red and straight and lesbian sex with blue.

The new packaging will be featured on the company’s four-hour compilations.

Sin City also recently unveiled a new website devoted to “Undertow,” Francois Clousot’s depiction of a man’s descent into the Los Angeles underworld. It stars Aurora Snow as the lover of an international terrorist, Hannah Harper as a federal agent’s assistant, and Shay Sweet as the prize in a street race.

“We’ve experimented with using these types of micro sites to promote other titles we have released and have always been happy with the result,” said general manager Scott Justice.

The site features a streaming trailer for the film, as well as photo galleries, on-the-set interviews and promotional contests.

“It’s a fantastic tool to help consumer and distributors get a feel for what we have created,” said Danny Gorman, Sin City’s national sales manager. “Already since the trailer has been up I have started getting calls from people interested in acquiring copies.”

“Undertow” is scheduled to be released on Jan. 19.