Playboy Reveals iPod Photo Galleries

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Playboy magazine has “dialed up the heat” with the release of a 25-image gallery designed for display on Apple’s iPod Photo, according to a new website feature that appeared yesterday.

Titled “iBod,” the gallery features 25 softcore photos, 440 pixels wide and 352 pixels tall, clocking in at around 72 dpi, in order to “beautify your dull commute or just to pass the time in the lecture hall,” according to the company.

“If iPod Photo is ‘a feast for the eyes’ on its own, it’s a veritable ocular orgy now,” the company said.

According to the Playboy website, members of the Playboy Cyber Club have access to three all-nude galleries.

To access the photos, users download a compressed .zip file and extract the files to their computer. They then dock the iPod and transfer the files to it through iTunes.

IBod is not the only foray that Playboy is trying to make into the handheld electronics market. Earlier this month, the company announced plans to enter the U.S. mobile market by inking a content distribution and development agreement with Dwango Wireless.

“Given the extraordinary success we’ve had with our wireless offerings around the world, we felt the time was right to expand our wireless content to the millions of U.S. subscribers,” said Randy Nicolau, president of distribution for the Playboy Entertainment Group.

Through the new agreement, Dwango, which has previously produced content for ESPN, X Games and Rolling Stone, would create Playboy-themed games, images, video clips, voice clips and ring tones.