Launches Website

Ace Miguel from Fulcrum Studio has announced the launch of a message board exclusively for the creative professional working in the adult industry.'s mission is simple; growth of knowledge and elevation of standards for the adult creative community as a whole through sharing and interaction with peers. While the primary mission of is one of community interaction and a sharing of knowledge, it's secondary mission is to provide a central resource for creative specific tools like codecs, color profiles, software templates and plug-ins, legal forms, and more.

"Mainstream Creatives have AIGA, ASMP, APA, and other professional organizations, it's not likely, no matter how skillful any of us are at our craft, that we would be taken in to the fold. We wouldn't be able to serve on the Board of Directors, or freely collaborate if we announced we were in Porn to anyone at these groups. I can only imagine the gossip we would stir up... 'Hey look, there's the guy that's in Porn!' So I decided my first step in giving back to Adult was to create an open forum for discussion, learning, and collaboration that can elevate our profession as a whole and not just one individual." Ace Miguel, Founder of

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