ICANN Approves Two New Top-Level Domains

Jeff Berg
MARINA DEL REY, Calif. — Internet regulatory agency ICANN green-lit two more sponsored top level domains on Monday, advancing special domain names for mobile content and job resource sites to the commercial and technical negotiation stage.

The two new approved sTLDs, “.mobi” for mobile content sites and “.jobs” for human resources websites, join “.post” and “.travel,” both approved in October.

The mobile domain, sponsored by several mobile technology companies including Nokia and T-Mobile, is meant to cater to mobile-optimized websites designed to be displayed on the smaller screens of cell phones.

The .jobs domain was sponsored by Employ Media LLC, a group created specifically to administrate the TLD, and the Society for Human Resource Management.

According to the application submitted in March for ICANN’s consideration, domains registered under the new sTLD would follow the syntax of “companyname.jobs,” and allow easy access to a company’s job listings without having to wade through the company’s main website.

ICANN’s advancement of the two domains means that the organization can now begin negotiations for the technical and commercial management of the new domains.

The ICANN board of directors did ask that special consideration be given to whether the mobile sTLD would conflict with the current telephone numbering systems and to confirm the proposed community of content providers.

Currently, six other possible TLDs are under consideration by ICANN, including the hotly contested “.xxx” sTLD, sponsored by the ICM Registry and the International Foundation for Online Responsibility.

ICANN did not give a time frame for decisions on the other applicants.