FlashCash Offers Music CD

FlashCash is merging music and porn with the launch of their new "FlashCash Emerging DJ Mix Series."

New mixes are scheduled to be released throughout the year, and each one intends to bring the skills and sounds of a new DJ to the ears of the adult webmaster community.

FlashCash’s Ambassador of Pink, Halcyon, explained, "I don’t care how you spend your day, it’s better with music. These mixes are created specifically to be soundtracks to the life of a digital pornographer. Raw, nasty, slamming grooves. Whether you are tweaking Photoshop files or on your way to a club, The FlashCash DJ Mix Series will take the energy through the roof."

Volume One of the series features D.J. K from Southern California. Volume One will be available in January at the Vegas Internext show. Stop by the FlashCash suite to get your copy. "This year FlashCash wanted to give away something at Internext that represented us better than a beer cozy or pen," said FlashCash Minister of Propaganda, David D, adding that "Everyone at FlashCash appreciates the vibe of a good DJ, so The Mix Series just made sense."

For more information, please visit www.flashcash.com.