New CyberNet Site Spotlights Female Wrestling

Jeff Berg
SAN FRANCISCO — Adult affiliate program CyberNet Entertainment recently unveiled a new website that focuses on the world of female wrestling. features nude women grappling using Greco-Roman holds, but with a modified scoring structure.

Participants are given higher marks for being in control and can also pick up “style points” for actions performed while in control and something called “shame points,” that, as the wrestling rules state, “tell the world that you got Pwnd.”

Breast fondling, for example, earns the victor one point plus an additional point for every additional 10 seconds. Breast smothering garners one point plus an additional point for every 30 seconds. The highest scoring move is face-sitting, earning the performer three points, plus an additional three points every 10 seconds.

Punching, biting, slapping and hair-pulling are not allowed, and giggling and standing are also discouraged.

The winner of the match, determined by who has more points after two eight-minute rounds, is allowed total control of the final “sex round.”

Points also influence how much a wrestler is paid.

Current wrestlers include the Crimson Ninja, described as a local Vietnamese college student with a knowledge of Jujitsu, the infamous Jamaican Yellow Kitty, and Lucy “Rage” Lee, who was “turned by the dark side long ago.”