InterClimax Offers 'Private Archives'

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – "Live" is a word that is used on many websites to describe the action members will see, but some of these live services are either pre-recorded or archives rerun from earlier webcam sessions with an operator handling the chat.

InterClimax, in business since 1997 and a 2005 XBiz Awards nominee, knows the difference between "live" and "archived," and with the release of its latest offering, "The Private Archives," the company bridges the gap between the two.

"Real live webcam business's have to spend more time and money to market their business and use creative interactive tools to show clients we really have real live models," said InterClimax' Claudia Van Lubek.

The "Private Archives" include images taken at two frames per minute. Once an image is clicked on, visitors may watch the full MPEG movie as if they were peeking through a keyhole.

The archives display images from the 250-plus daily models currently online, so that visitors can immediately click into the model's chatroom if he likes what he experienced in the archive.

"We would like to show that we have the best models and are absolutely not afraid that we give away too much for free," said Van Lubek. “Videos they can find anywhere on the Internet, but to speak live with the model is a different thing altogether.”

Viewing the “Archives” give clients a better impression of the model's online performance, which results in easier sales of minutes, while minimizing the chances that a client will be disappointed with the model's performance, according to the company.