AEBN Inks Deal With Former Maintstream Producers And Directors

Jeff Berg
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Adult Entertainment Broadcasting Network will be bringing the high-end “eroticore” of Nectar Entertainment online for the first time ever, the company said Monday.

Founded in 2003, Nectar Entertainment draws from a pool of mainstream directors, producers and writers and produces a distinctive style of film that includes elaborate set designs and features little to no dialogue, deferring instead to dominant original music to convey atmosphere.

The company’s first film, “Shades of Red,” was helmed by contract director Marty Zion, a veteran in the music video and advertising worlds.

“Nectar’s brand of erotic adult material is the best I have seen since I was first introduced to the work of Michael Ninn,” AEBN Senior Content Executive Erin Burns told XBiz. “I must have watched ‘Shades of Red’ three or four times already.”

Nectar produces two very unique lines of videos. On one end of the spectrum sits Zion’s stylized, theme-oriented creations and at the other is contract director Johnny Diablo’s “Welcome to the Valley” series, essentially a reality television spoof mixed with porn.

According to AEBN, customers of the company and its affiliate sites are now able to view Nectar’s films in streaming pay-per-view, rental and download in Windows Media Player and RealPlayer formats.

“It’s been exciting,” Nectar founder and CEO Sean Logan stated Monday.

Logan said that he has high hopes for the company and expects 30 percent of Nectar’s sales to come from the Internet within two years.

AEBN is the first company that has reached an agreement to stream Nectar’s films on the Internet.