Dating Sites Experience Record Growth

TORONTO, CN - In just 11 months, adult personals and dating site has surpassed 2.5 million member signups to their swingers dating service that caters to adults seeking sex from other like-minded individuals.

This rapid growth may be a telling commentary on how society is evolving and how people are expressing themselves more as individuals.

When it comes to dealing with sex and relationships, people are no longer blindly following traditional behavior, instead, people with healthy sexual appetites seem to be seeking certain answers online, and the anonymity of the Internet makes it easier.

According to company owner Damian Cross, "We provide our members with a discreet way to find individuals with like minded sexual interests who are willing to share a sexual encounter." Sexsearch offers men and women the ability to post their profile for free – something they seem to be doing in droves.

According to Jupiter Research, analysts estimate that about two out of every five U.S. singles online have visited a personals site, with nearly one in four having posted a profile. With a market that's expected to more than double in the next four years, online dating is a territory that is wide open, and the potential buyers are out there – with online dating and sex being the two biggest paid content categories on the web.

In fact, consumer spending on paid content has jumped due to an increase in spending in the personals and dating category. The study, conducted by ComScore Networks shows that the booming trend in dating is searching for love, sex, and romance online. Jupiter Research, a Connecticut-based research firm, estimates that Americans will spend about $400 million with online dating companies this year - a figure that's expected to reach $642 million by 2008 - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The real growth however, is occurring globally, as singles throughout the world take to the Web in their search for love and sex.'s growth is not lost on its increasing affiliate base, to which only 6 months after launching their affiliate program, is paying out over $1 Million dollars a month in payments.

According to company owner Damian Cross, "We constantly monitor all of the other dating sites and continually work on improving our site in order to make sure that it is the best converting site in the industry. We offer our affiliates reliable weekly payments, expert account managers that show them how to optimize their sites in order to make the most money possible with their traffic, tons of free hosted galleries, loads of free content, custom creatives designed by marketing experts, geotargeted ads that increase click through and conversion rates, advanced statistic reporting systems, and weekly prizes including XBoxs, PS2s and iPods. We will also soon be offering private labels and niche specific tours."