Tri-Tech Launches IDVCash Affiliate Program

GLENDALE, Calif. – Tri-Tech Internet Inc., the company that brought you the CyberAge Adult Entertainment Network and CNWB Card, have announced the launch of their latest project, IDVsystem, and its accompanying affiliate program, IDVCash. offers a unique affiliate click thru program that allows webmasters to send traffic to the IDVCash network of sites and get paid $.05 cents per unique click. If the surfer decides he wants to receive a loan to access the IDV network, then the referring affiliate will receive an additional $2.00.

The IDVsystem is an outgrowth of the company's CNWB financial services, which offers a loan program for consumers as an alternative method to pay for access to a website. Websites that implement the IDVsystem can provide their customers with a means to make their transactions, regardless of the problems with their credit. As a result, online merchants are generating revenues that would have been lost to declined credit cards.

According to Gary Dginger, Affiliate Manager of, "We are very excited about launching the program because it allows surfers to access websites without having to use credit cards. We believe this will mark a new beginning of billing options for surfers and offer webmasters a new way to get paid on their traffic."

"We setup an alternative gateway to the CyberAge network using IDV as a payment option for surfers who are unwilling or unable to use a credit card to pay for access," Dginger told XBiz, adding that "We truly believe the future lies in providing surfers with access to adult sites without requiring them to pay for it by credit card."

Other affiliate programs will be able to implement the IDVsystem as a payment option, with live demos available at booth #423 during the upcoming Internext Expo in Las Vegas.