Red Light Announces Chyna Video Release Date

Jeff Berg
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Just in time for the holiday season, Red Light District has released its second celebrity video this month, featuring Joanie Laurer, better known as former World Wrestling Entertainment star Chyna, and boyfriend Sean Walton, also known as X-Pac.

The follow-up to Red Light’s “One Night in Paris,” “1 Night in China” features a variety of scenes involving the two wrestlers, four additional scenes of other hardcore Red Light footage, and footage of Walton in front of Chinese landmarks.

“There’s an obvious symmetry between the professional wrestling fan and the adult film fan,” Scott Stein, Red Light’s director of marketing and public relations, told XBiz. “She’s also internationally known, just like Paris Hilton is.”

First announced in July when Laurer, now known as “Chynna Doll,” was promoting the “World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual Contest” on Howard Stern’s radio show, rampant speculation about the tape has raged ever since.

According to Stein, Laurer brought the tape to Red Light because of their experience in the celebrity sex video market.

“She came to us,” said Stein. “Obviously, following the success of ‘One Night In Paris,' Red Light was really the obvious choice.”

In a statement issued Friday, Laurer said her main motivation was to try to capitalize on something that would become public eventually anyway.

“The video was something that my boyfriend and I taped for our own personal pleasure,” said Laurer. “However, when an outside party got hold of it, I decided to make a preemptive strike and release the video myself. I’m proud of my performance in the video and feel confident that my fans throughout the world will love it.”

Some industry insiders, however, say Chyna was motivated primarily by financial matters.

“Unlike any of the other celebrity sex tapes, it was basically brought to them by Chyna herself to make some quick cash,” one source told XBiz. “A lot of people go through that little abyss once they hit rock bottom.”

According to Stein, Laurer's dreams might come true. While he wouldn’t release specific details, he did say that current pre-sales are in the thousands.

The video’s official release date is Dec. 13, and suggested retail price is $39.