AEBN Goes Mobile

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – XBiz Awards nominee and Pay-Per-Minute Video On Demand pioneer AEBN has confirmed the upcoming launch of two new brands at the 2005 Internext Expo, including the unveiling of a new mobile product that the company has been quietly working on for several months.

"We’re launching what we think is going to be a great mobile project for 2005. We think that this new mobile revolution is going to be similar to the Internet revolution where people are going to have another shot at getting onboard early with the new product that is coming out, a new way to make money," said AEBN President Scott Coffman.

Coffman told XBiz that "We think that this mobile market is going to be a new revenue stream. Even more important than that, it is going to give you a new way to market to your customers on a product that is with them all the time instead of them just sitting in front of a computer," adding that "This will eventually be an affiliate program. The end goal is to tie it into our current system so that consumers can either watch movies on the computer or on his mobile phone. Whatever he chooses. That’s giving him more options and our affiliates more options to make money."

"You want to give the customer as many different options to spend his money as possible. With VoD becoming more of an option, with people accepting that more, that does give more and more options for the affiliate who is generating traffic to make money," Coffman told XBiz.

Details of the new programs are expected to be announced on January 4th, 2005.