Oprano.com Purchased

Gretchen Gallen
ATLANTA – Webmaster resource site Oprano.com has officially changed hands, the new and former owners announced this week. And while the terms of the deal were not disclosed by either party, the new owners Jim McAnally (GonZo) and Nick have officially taken over operation of the company from Michael Gardner (MikeAI) and Serge Birbair.

Founded in 2001 as a partnership between Gardner and Birbair, Oprano has come to be regarded by many webmasters as a message board think-tank for adult professionals.

McAnally told XBiz that he and his new partner share the same vision for Oprano as its former owners and plan on maintaining status quo for the message board and resource features that have made the site an industry favorite for many years.

McAnally served as properties manager for Oprano.com, Opranoradio.com and Opranoplus.com over the past year.

"Between the two of us we'll be running the whole thing from top to bottom," McAnally said of his new partner Nick, who founded Netpond in the early 1990s. "It's all intertwined, so it's business as usual."

According to McAnally, the shifting of Oprano ownership was extremely amicable and Gardner and Birbair will continue on in an advisory capacity.

"Let's all congratulate the new owners of Oprano," Birbair posted on the Oprano boards. "It's been a quite a ride, lots of memories, lots of faces coming and going, and I would like to thank everybody. Oprano was, is and always will be our 'baby,' even if it's matured enough to have it's own children."

McAnally has been involved in the online adult business since 1993 in various capacities. He is also the owner of Gonzo.com, a paysite that is currently in the process of being revamped.

"We believe the community defines the board itself, so we're just trying to kick it back to the day where things used to be more about cooperative marketing and where people helped each other out, had a little fun and made some money."