X-Play to Release New Chloe Jones Video

Jeff Berg
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Former Penthouse Pet and Playboy Reader’s Choice Supermodel nominee Chloe Jones stars in a new X-Play DVD to be released later this month.

Along side Asian star Rose, Jones will gallivant across South America, moving from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the resort town of Buzios, throughout the course of “Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure.”

“I had always wanted to visit the beaches of Rio,” said Rose. “I just didn’t think it would be like this.”

Set to be released on Dec. 14, the film, which features 4-way and 3-way sex as well as the more traditional oral, anal and vaginal, will appear in both DVD and VHS formats.

“This movie gives you a very close look at Chloe Jones and Rose having a dirty, wild, fun time where absolutely nothing was staged,” said Will Ryder, the film’s director.

Jones, who also appeared in Vanity Fair layouts shortly after moving to Los Angeles at the age of 18, formerly held an exclusive movie contract with New Sensations.