2000Charge Added To Mansion's MPA3

PASADENA, Calif. – 2000Charge, Inc. has announced their integration into Mansion's MPA3 affiliate program software.

MPA3 from Mansion Productions offers a multitude of functions for maintaining a reseller program, as well as adding multiple processors in a "cascade", including check processing, dialer billing and accounting. Now with the addition of 2000Charge's Euro Debit, Mansion Production provided its customers with an international billing solution.

MPA3's geo-targeting IP detection script allows webmasters to sort their international traffic and fully take advantage of the Euro Debit to increase revenue potential. EU Direct Debit gives MPA3 customers access to the European countries.

"I am very excited about MPA3 adding 2000Charge Euro debit as a way for their webmasters to optimize their European traffic. Partnership with Mansion Productions provides a great ability for webmasters to increase foreign users who do not own or wish you use their credit card online. As a result, webmasters of MPA3 will be increasing their revenue potential," said Wolf K. CEO of 2000Charge, Inc.

For more information, please visit www.mansionproductions.com.