Atomic Falls Updates Media Conductor

NORTH BEND, OR - Atomic Falls, a video-on-demand (VOD) solution provider, has released version 3.0 of its Media Conductor VOD platform, offering a solution that provides the software tools needed to create, manage, and deliver a complete Internet based VOD system.

Media Conductor offers built-in support for the delivery of Real, Windows Media and QuickTime format files without requiring a separate streaming server from any of the aforementioned format creators.

In addition to its multi-format streaming engine, Media Conductor provides built-in support for advanced media management including video cataloging, free-form searching of video records and dynamic visual navigation from video box covers, screenshots or both.

"Our Media Conductor V2.0 clients were happy with the results they received but there was still quite a bit of room for improvement," said Rich Olson, President and Chief Technology Officer of Atomic Falls.

"Affiliates accessing Media Conductor V2.0 based sites wanted more detail in their sales reports. They wanted Media Conductor to track traffic as well sales and to provide them with more options for viewing sales data," Olson said.

Media Conductor V3.0 expands upon V2.0's built-in support for pay-per-view with the addition of new pay-per-minute and monthly recurring membership billing systems.

V3.0 has also added payment support for popular third-party billing company (Epoch). Paycom support allows customers to operate Internet VOD sites without the necessity of acquiring their own merchant accounts.

In addition to the new support for Paycom, the platform continues to support Netbilling, Merchant Partners and

"All of these payment options are built in to Media Conductor V3.0 and affiliates are paid a percentage of sales revenue off of any combination of these products. It is truly a remarkable system for people that want to make a profit by offering their video content on the Internet," concluded Olson.

The suite has also received many enhancements to its internal affiliate marketing program, adding greater detail to its web-based affiliate sales reports, including click to sales ratios, number of minutes watched from each feature sold, titles of features sold and more.