Stacy Smacks Joins Lesbian Kissing Videos

Lesbian Kissing Videos has signed Stacy Smacks to a one year, 7 video deal.

"We really met by accident when some other models were late for a shoot," said Brandi Adams, manager of the business, adding that "We got along wonderfully well and wanted to find some way to make this continue. Stacy has an enthusiastic personality. Everyone just enjoys being around her."

Stacy Smacks remarked, "I love women. I am a very passionate person. When I am in a scene, I just let my natural emotions show. I am not really an actress."

Stacy Smacks will appear in 7 Lesbian Kissing Videos over the next year, as well as some of the other fetish video lines, and will also develop new content to take full advantage of the 'Download a DVD' technology that is being used on the web sites.

"I love the idea of being able to make a specialized video for smaller markets. Something that a few hundred or a few thousand people might really enjoy, rather than having to make every video so generalized to fit a mass market, that it really has no strong appeal to anyone," said Stacy.

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