Adult Law Firm Goes International

The law firm of Weston, Garrou & DeWitt has just released two new versions of its website,, which are translated into Japanese and German. The translated versions are available for viewing here:  

"Our target market is becoming increasingly international in nature, and we're responding to the demand for our services from other countries," said Lawrence G. Walters, a partner in the firm who operates the Florida office of the firm. "The Internet is available in all countries, and we're making our services more accessible to those in the industry who have concerns with U.S. legal issues. We receive many inquiries from Japan and Germany, both of which have a fairly large adult industry, so this was our introductory jaunt into web translation," he added.

The firm will now launch a promotional campaign which involves submission of the translated sites into the relevant Japanese and German search engines, and will obtain listings in the relevant business directories in those countries. As the adult industry becomes more global in nature, it is only natural that those providing services to the industry will begin making those services more readily available to foreign clientele.