Steve Drake to Direct for Mayhem

Rhett Pardon
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sin City announced Thursday it has signed 20-year adult veteran Steve Drake to direct for its Mayhem division.

"Drake and Mayhem are a perfect synergy of vision and filth," Sin City’s Scott Justice said. "I am looking forward to his finished project."

Drake has starred in more than 800 films and has directed 100.

"I shoot my own camera and stills so that my vision is never compromised," Drake said. "I like to use young, natural, fresh girls that haven't been jaded by the business."

His first effort for Mayhem, “Cum to Drink of It,” will mark Drake’s foray into the niche market of swallowing, and will feature hardcore anal, multiples, swapping and the “money shot.”

"I have a pretty good idea of what people like to see," Drake said. " I focus on the girl, not the guy, and I try to shoot the scene in a way that allows for the viewer to feel like they are actually there."