Rap Stars Get Back in 'Sex and the Studio 2'

Jeff Berg
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Big-name rap stars Ludacris, Mystikal, Coolio and Sir Mix-a-Lot, as well as Bishop Don Magic Juan, grace the newest release from Metro Interactive and SATS Productions, “Sex and the Studio 2.”

Hosted by Digital Underground performers Money B and Cleetis Mack, the long-awaited sequel features appearances by Belladonna, Kelly Erikson, Layla Jade and Mari Possa, among others, and four hardcore scenes.

“It’s off the hook,” said Money B. “We got the hottest sex, the top celebs and porn stars and we went all around the world.”

Also included with the film are 90 minutes of bonus footage, including interviews with rap legend Dana Dane and a behind-the-scenes party footage featuring porn stars Alexis Amore, Alora Eden, August and Neveah Ashton.

Keith O’Connor, head of production at Metro, said that the popularity enjoyed by the film is due to more than just a niche following.

According to O’Connor, the real appeal is that the “Sex and the Studio” series markets not just the sexual fantasies, but celebrity fantasies as well.

“In an era of reality entertainment, these guys fall directly in sync with the consumers’ desire to be a part of the experience,” said O’Connor. “They portray a world of fantasy and desire that speaks directly to the fans and enchants them. They don’t just talk about it all, they take you inside what it’s like to be a world-famous rapper.”

”Sex and the Studio 2” hits stores on Nov. 22.