Seymore Butts Seeks New Male Stars

Jeff Berg
LOS ANGELES — Renound gonzo film director Seymore Butts and the group from Showtime’s “Family Business” will be holding casting calls for a new male porn star next Tuesday.

The 13-year adult industry veteran sent out a release Thursday inviting all interested applicants to submit photos, stats and contact info to his production company and to be prepared to drop their trousers during an audition early next week.

“This isn’t just any regular audition,” said the company. “This is an audition that will require that this porn star be able to perform under pressure. There will be camera and eyes in the room watching to make sure that they look hot.”

Prospective performers will also be required to maintain an erection and “pop on cue,” according to the company, all while being filmed by Showtime cameras.

Auditioners will not have contact with any women during the initial shoot, but if they make the cut, will be required to perform with female talent.

Prospective applicants should sent their information to