WantedList.com Acquires Competitors

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Anh Tran, co-founder of WantedList.com, announced today that the company has successfully negotiated the acquisition of two of its strongest competitors, FlickSmart.com and Rentflixxx.com. The acquisitions make WantedList.com the largest adult DVD rental company in the market.

The company plans to incorporate its former competitors' best practices to build momentum for its back-to-the-basics business model, which has enabled WantedList.com to thrive since its founding in 2001, a time when countless other online companies were going under.

"We were attracted to both Rentflixxx and Flicksmart because they share our customer-focused philosophy, which is the cornerstone of WantedList's business strategy," Tran said. "Obviously, we can operate more efficiently now, but synergy is only important when it translates into improved customer satisfaction."

Tran pointed out that Rentflixxx has a high retention rate because of its strong customer service, and that Flicksmart, like WantedList.com, was nominated for best retail site by AVN.

To ensure that the transition is a smooth one for customers, John Wells, founder and CEO of Flicksmart, will join the board of directors for WantedList.com. Wells will also assist the company in strengthening its relationships with studios, distributors and websites.

"I've always had a positive relationship with WantedList, and we've worked together in the past to reduce fraud, improve customer privacy standards and increase efficiency in the adult DVD rental business," Wells said. "With our combined resources, not only do we create a stronger force within the adult market, but we can offer customers a wider selection, faster shipping, and even better promotions and contests."

During the transition period, WantedList.com will work on merging the companies' websites, including an all-new look and feel. In addition to offering Flicksmart and Rentflixxx customers a larger selection, Tran shares Wells' commitment to making sure that customers benefit from enhanced service and new features.

"We've gotten this far because of our customers, and as we expand, they will remain our first priority," Tran said.