Digital Playground On ABC's 20/20

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Digital Playground made the lead story on ABC's 20/20 this past Friday night.

ABC ran clips of several adult movies and various behind-the-scene reports in a segment titled, "The Top10 Myths, Lies and Straight Talk About Sex." Myth # 9, "women don't like porn," touted Digital Playground as one of two adult production companies banking on women buyers in a market that used to be patronized by a predominately male audience. The pro-feminist piece interviews sex therapists and female producers and acknowledges that women DO like adult entertainment, just a different type. Women enjoy romance and love depicted in adult movies. They like relationships and intimate interaction and when this is depicted in erotic videos, it takes women approximately 2 minutes to reach arousal.

Digital Playground is female owned and operated. Company President Samantha Lewis confirms 20/20's stance, stating, "On, 44% of our buyers are women. I believe that we generate a high percentage of women buyers because the content that we provide is created with women in mind. While men have always been the target audience for adult entertainment, the advent of the Internet has offered privacy and autonomy resulting in increased interest in sexual products for women. We are committed to market research and aim to grow with our changing markets. Many of our titles cater to the "couples market"; they have been created for men and women to enjoy together or individually, offering all the hot, hardcore action that men want coupled with fun story lines and aesthetically pleasing, high production values. I encourage women and couples to join the consumer pool. I add a feminine touch, which lends legitimacy to our industry. I require a soft sensuality in some of our films, appealing to a broader audience that includes other women. Adding women to my audience has increased sales and I believe that I've managed to shift gender percentiles that make up our consumer base."

Company Founder, Joone is honored, "Fantastic! ABC 20/20 is giving the men and women in our country a strong message in support of our business. They have been very supportive of the types of films we produce and they're all acknowledging the revolution that is taking place worldwide in support of women's sexuality. I'm always happy to set a standard and an example. We are honored to contribute to the mainstreaming of classy adult erotica."

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