FasterBucks Becomes ASACP Corporate Sponsor

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Adult Sites Against Child Pornography (ASACP) has announced that FasterBucks ( has become their latest Corporate Sponsor.

ASACP is the organization that helps the adult industry make a difference in the battle against child pornography. FasterBucks is a webmaster affiliate program which is the result of 10 years of adult Internet experience with a specific focus on providing niche-oriented web sites.

"Fasterbucks works with the highest quality and most responsible content producers and follows US, European and Canadian laws. We work with mainstream search engines which help us keep our sites clean from any terminology and content that would be offensive or suggest anything related to young content. We have a zero tolerance for any child related material. We are pleased that ASACP is starting to extend its presence to Europe and Asia, by recruiting new sponsors there and working with international mainstream hotlines. The fight against child pornography is a global cause for the industry, especially since most of child pornography comes from outside the USA," said Benoit Le Chevallier, Director of Sales for FasterBucks.

"Greg Dumas, who manages the entire program, has been in the adult entertainment industry for over 10 years, so he has seen many changes. Greg understands the need to be extremely careful of the content one includes on a site, to respect the laws of various countries and act accordingly for child protection," said Joan Irvine, ASACP's Executive Director.

Irvine went on to say that "ASACP is totally funded by contributions from its Sponsors, Approved Members and now Supporters. Without them, ASACP would not exist. Their funding has allowed ASACP to develop systems to monitor its members. Travel with tradeshows and meetings with the FBI and other international hotlines, so the industry and government are more aware of ASACP and the industry's effort to combat child pornography." `

Over 5800 sites that are taking a stand against child pornography proudly display the ASACP logo. If you are interested in learning more about ASACP or helping in the fight against child pornography, please visit