Mensniche Unveils New 'Webmaster Clinic'

Jeff Berg
NOTTINGHAM, U.K. — Male enhancement-oriented web company announced Thursday that it will be unveiling a new network of web experts devoted to helping webmasters with design, programming and general website problems.

Called “The Mensniche Webmaster Clinic,” the new network will feature a fully-staffed group of programmers, designers and webmasters available 24 hours a day.

”If your website is sick and in need of a flu shot, now is the best time to get help from one of our ‘web doctors’,” said Andy Slack, president of

“Mensniche has been experience significant growth this past year both in Europe and in the United States,” Slack said. “To help our affiliates make the most money this holiday season, we’ve elected to give them 24-hour support and access to our staff.”

Mensniche, billed as the leading affiliate program for men’s health products, has offices in both the United Kingdom and Portland, Oregon.

In September, the company unveiled a new version of its website, featuring more than 3,000 banners and advertisements, a new tracking system that records sales by country and IP, and a 5 percent webmaster referral fee.