Flirt 4 Free Introduces Remote Control Camera Technology

Jeff Berg
CYBERSPACE — Video Secrets introduced a new technology to its live adult chat site Flirt 4 Free Monday that allows users to remotely control cameras.

The new feature allows customers to zoom in and out and move the cameras around during the chats without installing any additional plug-ins, according to Gregory L. Clayman, president of Video Secrets.

The cameras are controlled through a “video game like” controller on the user’s screen.

“We are constantly looking for more ways to increase the interactive experience we provide to end-users and the best part is that we’re able to bring this feature on-line without any downloaded software or additional cost to the end-user,” Clayman said.

According to Video Secrets, remote control cameras were a highly requested feature by users and will allow them to focus on what turns them on instead of being stuck with a statically positioned camera.

The new technology helps to extend Video Secrets’ belief that its popularity stems from allowing users to actually interact with performers instead of just watching.

“Movies are great to watch, but nothing’s better than live,” Clayman told XBiz. “When users can go one-on-one with a performer, that’s really the ultimate experience. Most people never get the chance to help direct a show.”

Flirt 4 Free reached record attendance at its October gay feature show, attracting somewhere between 700 and 800 users.

The increase in popularity coincides with the rising popularity of subscription video service on the Internet, according to a recently released study. Internet research firm In-Stat/MDR reported earlier this year that consumer-oriented video subscription services are expected to expand to more than a $4.6 billion market within the next three years.